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Epic Snow Battles and Teething Rings

MOO Time: 2012-07-13 16:03:31
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And on Pern ...
The time is 12:03.
It is afternoon of the thirty-sixth day of winter.
It is the twenty-sixth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is a winter afternoon. As the sun passes further into the west, the chill in the air becomes sharp again, and a slight wind whips down from the north, dragging a few puffy clouds with it.

Upper Alpine Meadows
A vast alpine meadow stretches to the foot a glacier, flanked by the flat reach of a dozen more peaks; snow lurks at the higher elevations, capping the valleys in thick, endless layers of ice and new-fallen flakes. In contrast, during the spring and summer months a carpet of wildflowers spreads over a base of springy green turf, perfect for picnics and days outdoors. A small stream runs off towards the distant weyr, running cool and clear from out of the nearby blue-toned glacier.
It is a winter afternoon. As the sun passes further into the west, the chill in the air becomes sharp again, and a slight wind whips down from the north, dragging a few puffy clouds with it.
To the east, you see one person.
To the west, you see a brown dragon.
Draped for sunning on the large volcanic rocks are two firelizards.
Green Amuirnith is here.
Obvious exits:
Ice Caves Glacier Stream

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd, Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo! Loud was the voice of the lonely goather- what are we kidding. Any goats here have been eaten by the petite green dragon who is sunning with one eye open on a hill near the glacier. The one eye open is to keep a watch out for a particular redhead's one year old twins who are crawling and half walking around in a snowy area with their mom. Seems like they are building a snowrider or a snow castle or something. Everyone is bundled to the nines; little Litty, her carrot orange hair sticking out in tufts underneath her blue, red and white striped hat is throwing snow in the air and making happy noises while her brother, Tattoo is climbing on Amuirnith's tail. Tilla is trying to gather them both back to the half built wall of the castle. Fun times!

Qyth wanders on in from the lower meadows.

There's no snow in the air, but the recent blizzards have ensured that the green who spirals in slowly will be landing in a winter wonderland. Smaller even than the sunnin Amuirinth, Qyth lands neatly a safe distance from the snow fort, and the rambunctious twins, sending up a poof of snow as she touches down. The big youth seated on her neck grins as he spies the redhead, and lifts an arm in greeting. "Qyth said she saw folks down here," he drawls as he pushes his goggles up on his forehead and unbuckles himself. "I thought she were just wantin' to gossip with Amuirinth." There's a frosty little huff from Qyth, and the greenrider gives her a friendly pat before he slides to the ground. His helmet is removed to reveal his blue-and-black knitted cap, and hung on a strap. The twins get an amused look. "You tryin' to freeze the energy out o' them?"

Atmanth wanders on in from the lower meadows.
Nika slides from Atmanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

It isn't long after the smaller green appears that Atmanth circles down out of the sky. He lands safely away from the children, but as soon as Nika is on the ground he ambles towards them. The blue always curious about the smaller varity of human creatures. "Tilla!" Is called as the smaller rider bounces towards the group, "H'ris!" Is called in a sing-songy manner as she gets closer. "You're not afraid of 'em getting a cold?" Eyeing the children before turning to the adults.

Well look at this, its a party! As the dragons approach, Amuirnith lets out a sweet croon/rumble in greeting, and the babes turn their gazes up and outwards. Litty proclaims, "WAGN!" while Tattoo slides down Amuirnith's tail to hide behind her armpit. Tilla laughs, pushing herself up to a standing position from where she had been bending over to try to grab little Tatt. "Well Amu certainly enjoys gossiping with yours, H'ris! And to answer- Oh, afternoon, Nika!" she offers towards her dragonhealing mentee. "Naw, these little ones are pretty healthy..besides they come from hearty Istan-" Neeevermine. She cuts herself short, "Anywayyy..." Shiftyeyed glance, "They have very warm scarves and hats and coats, they're fine. A little fresh air is a good thing, I mean not like there's a shortage, around here!" She bends over and balls some snow up tightly in one mittened hand with a sly grin, saying nothing.

H'ris has a big grin for Nika when Atmanth lands, although it could be partly for Qyth, who shifts a bit closer to the blue with a welcoming sort of chuff. Or maybe that's what H'ris' rolled eyes are for. "Naw. The cold air is good for 'em," he drawls, wrinkling his nose at Nika. "Shells, when I were a tot, we weren't terrible far from the Wastes, an' I reckon I went around in less than they has on." He grins, and shrugs. "Sides, it's good to get 'em used to snow. The Egg knows we see more'n our fair share of it." He must have seen Tilla, because he too is scooping up a handful of snow and polishing it into his own ball. It's a foolish man who ignores a tell like that, after all.

Atmanth is no slouch when it comes to picking things up. Who's that green movin' his way? He'll slide her way, forgetting the kids for now. Nika's eye roll may well match H'ris' as she sighs and passes a shrug to the greenrider. "Yah well. I was raised not to far from here, and they didn't let us out much when it was freezing." Of course a small cothold isn't quite the same as a weyr. Eyes bounce back and forth between the armed dragonrider. "Hey now...let's not do anything rash..." She squats down to make her own, Nika sized snow ball, careful to keep an eye on the others, let the COLD war commense.

The exchanged grins between the blue and greenrider do not go unobserved, although one would be hardput to know if the smirk on Tilla's face is a continuation of a previous thought or from a new one. Amuirnith chuffles under her armpit, where oh where is Tatt? Come out, little nugget! The redhead tugs at her cap with one hand and continues to compact the snow with her other hand. Until WHIZ! something flies near Nika's ear. Does it hit her? Depends on how good her reflexes are. Litty pulls herself up to a standing position while grabbing one of the snow towers, well, see, it was a cheat, it seems the flag flying from the tower was attached to a stick which was wedged rather firmly into the ground, for support. In any case, she looks rather pleased with herself.

"Hey, you e'er been to my home cothold?" H'ris says, catching the tip of his tongue playfully in his teeth. "The trundlebugs was hunch-backed. My pap were just more interested in makin' us hale an' hearty." He chuckles, a rumbly sort of sound that ends with a yip as the big greenrider dances out of the firing range. His snowball is clenched defensively. "Now, let's all be cool about this," he rumbles placatingly. "There ain't no need to be startin' a war." Then he's spinning with incredible alacrity to launch his clenched snowball in Tilla's direction. It is ON.

Nika was watching her visible opponents she was not expecting guerilla warefare. "HEY!" is all her reflexes have time for before she has a facefull of snowball. Splattering from the hit, and more than willing to entertain the small child she stumbles a few steps sideways and then slumps to the ground with a dramatic groan. Just moments later though she is sitting up with a giggle, "Not fair! We need to set some ground rules!"

"AMUIRNITH!" Tilla mock scolds with a wink towards her green. "I dont know why Amu would throw a snowball at you, but-" She is cut off as H'ris's snowball hits her ear and slides down her collar. "EEK!" She brushes off the snow from her jacket and scoops up some more. Nika's antics entertain as well, with Litty giggling her little head off. The laughter attracts the gaze of Tattoo who peeks one eye out, and then a nose from behind Amuirnith's protective wall. Amu takes this opportunity to pull at the little strap/harness that is firmly attached around Tatt's coat. He squeals as he is pulled out and plucks his hat off, waving it menacingly towards Amu's general direction. "Ground rules, huh?" the greenrider calls out after securing the little boy's hat back on his head. "Like?" She's also eyeing H'ris from the corner of her eye. Oh yes, it's ON.

"Baby." It's a tease delivered with affection for the little bluerider, although H'ris is scooping up snow as he says it. "A little snow ain't like to hurt you none." He grins as Amuirnith plays nanny, and polishes his handful of snow thoughtfully. "Ground rules," he echoes, and taps the side of his nose thoughtfully. "Well, the rules has allus been no rocks, no ice, and no aimin' for the nose. I reckon those are fair enow." He pauses, and holds up a finger. "And no hittin' the kids," he adds, tossing his now-ready projectile into the air and catching it lightly. "I reckon that's the most important one."

The tease is responded to with a mostly joking smirk. "That's cause you haven't gotten one in the face yet!" Her little hands have made two tiny snowballs, one going in the direction of each rider, one after the other, what she lacks in strength and size of ammo she'll make up for in speed. "No ice, definitely, no kids...Oh!" Glee spreads over her face as she a little grin at Tilla, "And there should be a prize for the winner. Amuirnith could pick the winner." There is another minature snowball read for tossing by the time the idea is proposed to the female greenrider.

Tilla takes a few strides forward and scoops up Litty, depositing her gently next to her brother. A few colorful toys are unearthed from the saddlebag at the green's side, a small toy duck and a stuffed feline. Amuirnith curls her hindleg and tail around the two, using her wingsail as a small shade for the kids. And then, Tilla turns back towards the two. "That!" she exclaims, dodging the snowball meant for her, "Is a great idea, Nika!" And WHoooosh, one is lobbed over her left shoulder in the direction of H'ris.

Ack! It's a double attack! H'ris takes each snowball good-naturedly, ignoring the one that cakes his ear. Instead, he wrinkles his nose, and lobs his snowball in Nika's direction. "A prize?" he says, immediately dropping to gather more snow, glancing in Tilla's direction as he fashions the ball. "I ain't a weyrling no more, so you cain't make me take your Sweeps or nothin'." He shrugs. "But, if'n it were somethin' like a nice booze, or another o' Dermitt's jugs, well I might be partial to it." Then it's Tilla's turn. Bombs away!

Nika claps happily as her snowball hits, which squishes the ball of snow that was previously in her hands into a more of a snowpancake. "Yah, a prize. Right, now more giving away weyrlings as prizes. Maybe, we can just say there is a prize, and figure out what it is after, you know depending on who wins." Like a pony for Nika when she wins. Atmanth meanwhile has decided to try his paw at snowball making with disasterous results, but what has formed is a wall of snow which the bluerider ducks behind. "Fort! Can't break through these walls."

NO YOU CANT HAS A PONY! Ahem. "Yeah, I think I know just the thing we can use as a prize." Surreptitiously, Amu's tail comes in and volleys the snow back towards H'ris. Nika's snow wall has Tilla biting her lip in consternation. Dang kids! Tilla repurposes the branch that had been a flag into a snowball launcher. "WELL WELL WELL!" she cackles, as one is launched towards Nika and then one towards H'ris. "It isnt booze but I'll take you guys to the kla- er, wait, I guess we have to go to the Road---is that even in the area now?" She hasn't had any of the booze in a while, and the Klah is still shut down so who knows.

Ack, ack, ack! Three against one is definitely unfair when one of them is a dragon, and H'ris yelps as he scrambles towards Qyth, scooping up snow and launching snowballs left and right. He just points in Nika's direction, and Qyth moves forward with an apologetic rumble to Atmanth as she tumbles the snow fort. Which allows the greenrider a chance to pelt the tiny one with tiny snowballs. "The Chadey are in the Lower Meadow," he says, lobbing a snowball at Amuirnith's backside for good measure. "So I reckon as we could get a nip in the Roadhouse." He grins, and jerks a thumb in Nika's direction. "Less'n she's got a flask stashed on her somewheres." Another snowball for the bluerider. "Give over, if'n you does."

Who is Atmanth to get in the way of an apologetic young green, even if it is for his rider's life. The blue rumbles acceptance back while Nika is pelted from every direction with snow balls. Her fort gone and her chances of winning her PONY clearly diminishing by the minute she simply plops into a seated position on the ground. Surrender. Does Pern have anything like the geneva convention? Cause life could be pretty swank if they do. She wiggles her nose at H'ris and narrows her eyes, but she can't hold the face for long and a smile quickly invades, "Course I do!" And just to prove it she reaches into the inside of her jacket and pulls it out. "But I think I have an advantage now, you want some H'ris, you can join my side of this little war." She dangles in the air towards the male rider.

Tilla laughs and pulls her scarf over her nose once more. "Mmm, they have some really nice drink mixes, if I remember correctly!" Sliding one boot around to her side, she shuffles some snow to make her own bunker "Do you think we should have flags? Like a capture the flag sort of situation? Amu has hankies in her pack!" Always prepared. of course they could also be clean cloth diapers? "Mm, do you think Nika is holding out on us?" Eyebrow waggle towards H'ris as she hunkers down to make more ammo. As it is established that she /is/ Tilla snorts, "True Tsunami fashion, always be prepared in the booze department, right Nika?" Wink.

"I don't reckon as we need to play capture the flag," H'ris allows, squatting in the snow to begin his own stockpile. "I mean, that's only fun when it's a big fracas, with all th' weyrbrats runnin' and screamin about." He looks disappointed in Nika's surrender until she produces the flask. Then his eyes light up, and he moves forward a half waddle-step. "Is that what I think it be?" he asks, polishing the snowball in his hand carefully. "Cause if'n it is, you got yourself a bargain." Tilla's comment gets a snort. "Allus havin' a drink seems to be the tamest o' the Tsunami traditions, accordin' to my grandpap," he says, wrinkling his nose. "An' probably the only one fit to be seen by children."

"Capture the flag requires a whole team I think, and while we do have some weyrbrats with the potential of screaming I think we'd need a few more." Nika offers standing up and, slowly unscrewing the cap in H'ris' general direction. Taking a sip as she listens, "Drinking isn't always the tamest thing we do, there are other traditions that /can/ happen in public." She winks at Tilla but speaks to H'ris. "Well I think I am leaving this war in good hands, then sir." She hands over the flask, "You may need this to get you through the toughest parts but I believe in you. Sadly, At-man and I have sweeps." She sighs and makes her way over to blue, who reluctantly allows her to distract him from the greens. "Good luck, H'ris." It's just a snowball fight...

Tilla hmms, "You are probably right." She admits, lobbing a snowball in H'ris's general direction. A snicker, "Oh, what else have you heard of our traditions, then?" Dubious eyebrow raise in his direction. Nika's departure has Tilla looking disappointed. "Aww, well see you later then, Nika!" At this point, Amuirnith gives a signal and the kids are gettng restless. "H'ris," Tilla asks, "I need to get the kids to the nannies so they can have a nap but Amuirnith says you and I are too evenly matched to decide a winner and she is suggesting we try something else." Surrepitious glance, "Armwrestling." She points to a flat rock that is about table height. "You game? Loser buys winner a drink at the Roadhouse?"

H'ris' nose visibly /twitches/ as Nika unscrews the cap on the flask, and he'd be salivating if it wouldn't freeze to his chin. He manages a grin as he steps forward. "Oh, I heared about all kinds o' hijinks they used to get up to, back when my grandpap were ridin' it." He glances at the children, briefly, before he takes the flask, and raises it to his nose, inhaling the rich scent of the corn liquor with an eurphoric expression. "Oh, that Dermitt. I got to find out your secret to gettin' this out o' him." But it will have to wait, alas, and he lifts a hand in farewell, a sentiment echoed by Qyth in a puffy little chuff of breath. Then he's turning back to his fellow greenrider, tipping the flask to his lips for a quick pull. "Mostly, I heard they was big debauches," he answers the questions. "Lots o' scantily-clad folk an' general mayhem." The offer gets a snort, and an incredulous look. "You are /lookin'/ at me, yeah?" he verifies, flexing his muscles a bit. "If'n you're that keen to throw your money away, you can just buy me the drink, an' save yourself the trouble o' a sore arm."

Tilla nosetwitches herself, at H'ris, "We have our fun, that's for sure." Fussing babies have her rolling up her sleeve. "I am quite stronger than I /look/." HMPH! She sticks her tongue out at him with her hands on her hips as she dusts off the rock from the snow and debris and hunches near it. "I'm ready to go, don't tell me you are a wherrywort and going to bow out this soon?" A smirking, challenging grin does she give the greenrider. Amuirnith adds in some eyerolling and rumbling, accentuating the effect.
have her rolling up her sleeve sooner rather than later

Qyth seems amused at the teasing of her rider, and apparently adds in with a rumbling sort of sound that brings non-cold-induced pink into the greenrider's cheeks. "Well, I reckon as I ain't gonna deny you a chance to make a fool out'n yourself," he drawls after a moment, offering a lopsided grin. He shrugs out of his jacket, his only reaction for the bite of the cold air a quick slap of his arms together. Then he's pushing his own sleeve up, and moving to the rock, holding out the flask. "You want a nip o' this, to give you strength?" he teases. "Although, you want to be careful with it. Dermitt draws a heady liquor from his still."

Tilla snorts, "I am full of red headed VIGOR!" Mock sneer but behind it is laughing because she is heartily amused. She even plucks off her mitten to add some traction and holds out her right hand, "Ready!" Amuirnith tucks in the fussy kids and tilts her head so that one eye can closely observe the match. It is ON! "Afterwards, I might have a taste, though." A longing look towards the liquor bottle before she turns her attentions back to him. FOCUS! Ahem.

"Oh, I reckon as I know about fierce redheads," H'ris laughs, moving towards the rock. "My cousin is Siraji, after all. I reckon she's about as fierce as they come." He shrugs when the flask is refused. "Suit yourself." Then the flask is tucked into a pile of snow, and the big youth hits his knees, lacing his fingers together and cracking his knuckles before leaning forward to plant his elbow. "Now, I ain't gonna be explainin' nothin' to Eth'n if'n you get hurt," he says with a lazy grin. "So now's the time to say, if'n you want to forfeit." It's fair warning, although he closes his hand around Tilla's. It's totally as if she's being assimilated; only the curl of her fingers is visible in his massive grip. "Who's to give the signal, then?"

Tilla rolls her eyes, "Oh c'mon now, I seriously am stronger than I /look/..." And she latches her fingers through his fingers. "Eth'n Schmethan! No reports will be made. I'm telling you...." Small eyetwitch. Is that fear beneath her brave exterior? Maybe. "Amu can give the signal. Amu?" Once the green is done hooking one talon through Litty's shoulder harness to prevent her escape, she bugles into the air. "Go!" yells Tilla as she pushes against him with all her might.

Oh, woman of the hair of flame...meet the man of stone. When the bugle sounds, H'ris turns to marble, and his hand and arm become rigid. He cocks a lazy grin at his fellow greenrider, and waits a long, long while as she pushes against him. An immovable object, indeed. When the pushing slackens, though, he begins to move. Slowly, inexorably, Tilla's arm is pushed down almost gently until the back of her hand kisses the frozen rock. Then H'ris is gently unlacing his fingers and reaching to retrieve the flask. "I grew up arm-wrestlin' miner Journeymen," he offers almost apologetically.

Tilla tries her hardest but her arm is pinned against the rock. "AAAAA!" She huffs, "Wow, you weren't kidding." Defeated, she slumps against the rock but then massages her arm. "Minecrafts?! Faaaaranth." She stands, saluting him. "I would salute you except I am technically your superior. So, a nod of respect, that'll do." Amuirnith eyebrow waggles. "So aside from the drink I am buying you, I had this other idea for a prize. Hold on..." She starts patting her pockets. Then she fiddles inside her shoe. A confused look as one hand reaches down her shirt. "Uhm, does this look suspiciously lumpy to you?" She frowns down at her bosoms. "Seriously, can you do me a favor..give them a quick pat?"

H'ris grins, and offers a nod back. "Don't feel bad," he drawls, leaning back on his heels. "I reckon as I ought'n have told you that much, at least." He watches as Tilla gives herself a good pat-down, and is in the process of widening his grin when her question comes, and his jaw instead decides to drop a bit. "Um." That's about as eloquent as it gets. His eyes are nearly perfect circles. "You want me to pat your...." he bobbles his hands in front of his chest. "With my hands?"

Tilla nods, "I put something either in my pocket or down my shirt, see, maybe it slipped? Just with the palm of your hand /over/ the clothes. I feel like my hand is going numb, maybe I'm not feeling it? Don't worry, seriously. Just help a girl out quick, before the kids go ballistic.." Speaking of kids, they are fussing and struggling a bit and Tattoo is chewing on something that looks suspiciously like that plushie that was taken out of the saddlebag.

Above, Oroqaith flies in from the southwest.
Above, Oroqaith drops down through the heavy winds to land in Alpine Meadows.
Oroqaith lands gently despite the buffeting winds above.
M'yck slides from Oroqaith's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Mal wanders on in from the lower meadows.

The scene is innocent enough, to the casual observer or those who might happen upon it. H'ris and Tilla are crouched with a stone between them swept clear of snow. The big youth has a flask in his hand and a stunned expression on his face, and Tilla has her...assets...in her hands. H'ris takes a deep breath as he regards the older rider, and takes another pull from his flask before he screws the cap back on it, and stuffs into the snow. "All right," he rumbles. "But if'n this be some sort o' trick to get me to feel you up, you ain't gettin' none o' my corn liquor." Then, like a flash, his hands shoot out to land firmly on Tilla's bosom. "I admit I ain't done this before," he says then. "How -should- they feel, normally?"

Tilla hmms, "Well if you feel anything that doesn't feel like..jutting out..." A confused look down and then over at Amuirnith. Suddenly, Tattoo calls out "Mamma! Maaaamaaaaa!" in the most cutely annoying way possible. The speech is garbled though due to what is in his mouth. Tilla squints, "Wait a second..." She takes the steps over to Tattoo and gets a good look at what is is in his mouth. Flushing, she takes it away from him and walks, slowly over to H'ris. "Uhm...the prize was a knot. You were supposed to find it..it was down my bra. That is how we Tsunami tap people, hide the knot in unusual places." Wincing, she holds out the knot but it is a bit drippy with kid spit. "This needs to be cleaned off but..." embarassed look again, "Would you join our wing?"

Nika has disconnected.

Coming in from behind the group, M'yck's snow-crunching march halts as he bends to snatch H'ris' flask from it's icy home in the snow. The common man would tell you that's not how finders keepers works. "How /should/ they feel?" The bluerider echoes his greenriding clutchmate in a slightly mocking tone. "Oh, that's right." A hand swoops up to deftly tear the cap from the flask, allowing a quick gulp to provide purpose during his awkward silence. Then, as Tilla announces her offer, M'yck forgets to swallow the liquor present in his mouth. Shock will eventually wear off as he half coughs, half swallows the harsh drink. "Gah. What /is/ this?" No mention of what just happened.

"Like bags of sand." Mal offers up - coming in behind M'yck. Why is she behind him? Who knows, but sound carries nicely along snowy plains in crisp cold air so she's able to catch the words quite easily. Her cheeks are a bright red as is the tip of her nose, gloved hands tucked into her pockets as she grins widely, "What's all this then?" Looking between H'ris and Tilla, catching up in no time with Tilla's last words, grin turning into a wide smile then as she steps in closer, "Oh!" How lovely - however M'yck has her turning her head to eye him, an eyebrow raising, "That's what you get for swindlin' things."

H'ris' face is a mask of worried concentration as he feels his way around for a moment. Until Tattoo calls out, and Tilla is removing herself -- literally. The others' entrance ensures that H'ris' face is a bright red as he turns to face his clutchmates. "They didn't feel too bad, I reckon," he murmurs, his grin turning a bit sly as he watches the bluerider uncap the flask. Then Tilla reveals what the prize was, and H'ris' grin is only a -little- sickly as he takes the wet knot. "I reckon as I'd be honored," he says in response. "An' it'll please my grandpap no end. He ain't been shy o' hintin' about it." He rumbles a chuckle, and shakes the knot a bit to clear it of spittle. M'yck's reaction to the liquor gets an outright guffaw, and the greenrider reaches out to pluck the flask from M'yck's hand. "It's the finest corn liquor in Crom," he informs the bluerider. "Although, it do take some gettin' used to,"

Tilla's face colors all the more with the audience. Not only were they just in time to see H'ris groping her breasts for yet unexplained reasons (although she just explained them, really), but now the twins, Litty and Tattoo start to cry and fuss in a manner that can't be ignored, any further. Tilla sighs and claps H'ris on the arm with her mitten, "Welcome to the wing! Later I'll have to give you a special tour, but for now, I have to get the kids back to the nanny and then meet you at the Roadhouse for a drink afterwards!" A look at Mal and M'yck, "You two are invited, too, H'ris gets a free drink from me for crushing my ego in arm wrestling..." Quick as a wink, she's strapping the kids in, one on her back and one strapped to the riding straps as snug as can be.

"Remind me to steer clear of it in the future." The same hand that was gripping the flask, ever so gently, moves to wipe knuckles across the bluerider's mouth. Turning his gaze towards Mal with the slightest of head turning, he lets a grin slip into the midst of the group. "Whatever." As the hand falls back to his side, wiping duty complete, M'yck turns back towards H'ris. "Well. Congratulations you sod." Moving to slap the greenrider on the shoulder his eyes will dart to Tilla and her 'twins'. The kids. "Evening, Ma'am."

Mal's chest rises as she begins to laugh, "You reckon, hey?" For H'ris, then, "Was it good for you, too?" Question asked of Tilla, her green eyes dancing with amusement as she nods between the two of them, "Congratulations, H'ris, and you can be damned sure I'll join you both for a drink, ma'am." Oh right, there goes her salute with the word 'ma'am', her wee ones eyed with a smile, "For sure, see you both there. I'm always up for a drink or five, especially in celebration." Words wisp away from her mouth in the cold air, tongue coming out to lick at lips in an attempt to moisten them in the cold.

"Be nice," H'ris rumbles good-naturedly at Mal, although his ears are bright red where they can be seen under ear flaps. Tipping the flask to his lips, he grins at M'yck's decision, and shrugs. He doesn't have the same trouble with the concoction that his clutchmate had. He's even cheeky enough to smack his lips, and wave after Tilla. "Thanks," he calls out, and his hoarse voice is a sign that the whiskey didn't completely leave him be. "We'll see you down there." The flask is swung out Mal's way. "Take a pull o' this, an' you bein' a big drinker." He winks. "It'll swell your..." he grins a bit. "Prize stash."

Tilla is getting herself strapped in and she nods, "Evening, M'yck, Mal!" The salutes are definitely appreciated. "Well, excellent, sounds like a good time, then. I need some warming up, and-" nosewrinkle, "Maybe to clean off my coat, I think someone needs a diaper change..." P.U! Amu's haunches are contracting and she launches herself up with a bugle, taking to the chilly skies with ease, although a little lower altitude than usual given her precious cargo.

Watching Tilla take her leave for a few moments, M'yck will eventually sink his gaze back down to his present neighbors. "So. A real rider." The words are said without emotion now, previous playful attitude have slipped off somewhere in that whirlwind of activity. Diapers can do that to a guy. In manner similar to interrogation, "That where you wanna be, wingrider?" It's not insulting, but more of a blunt prodding. Before H'ris can answer, his eyes shoot over to Mal to monitor her excitement over drinks and the lip licking it results in. "You lot drink the wrong shit."

Mal tucks her bottom lip between her teeth with a grin for H'ris, Mal shrugging up her shoulders as her hand tucks back into her pocket, "A'right, a'right, I'll be good." Lip gets loosed with those words, nose wrinkling in the cold air as she then reaches out for the offered flask, "Lookit me, getting a drink from a real rider." Eyebrows waggle upwards as she eyes the flask with a bit of a wary eye, sidelong glance given to M'yck, "Oh yeh, what would you recommend?" Flask is brought under her nose and she'll sniff at the opening, "It'll swell my prize stash?" A sharp breath gets taken through the womans teeth as she clenches them together, not entirely sure how smart this is but - bottoms up. Closing her eyes she'll take a swig of the drink, letting the burn overwhelm her senses for an appropriate reaction to the drink.

"We's all real riders," H'ris says, frowning at the pair. His expression seems to indicate he's uncertain if he's being teased or not. "I just happen to be in a wing, now." He grins, and nods at M'yck's question. "It is," he says. "I'd feel funny if'n I were in any other wing, I reckon, seein' as my grandpap were one o' the first Tsunami riders." He watches as Mal takes a swig, and his face flickers between being impressed and mild disappointment the reaction wasn't greater. "You know," he says, bobbling his hands in front of his chest. "Your prize stash."

"Yeah, we saw you measuring the prize stash." M'yck's eyebrow quirks up as a grin starts at one corner of his mouth and attempts to peel its way across. The ex-guard watches Mal as well, and his inner competitor winces as she takes the drink better than him. Waving it off, "Well, good for you. Deserve it." The words are a bit awkward and forced as his eyes pan over and away from the other two. Focusing on the far mountains with a squint, he'll continue on. "It's a shame- to be.. ya know, breakin' up? I guess that's the word." Eyes stay focused on the distant landscape.



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