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Dragonhealer chatter in the greenhouse

Log from April 2013

MOO Time: 2013-04-02 18:27:44
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And on Pern ...
The time is 16:27.
It is evening of the eightieth day of winter.
It is the twenty-ninth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is a winter sunset.

Moisture hangs in the air, a subtle humidity trapped within this glass-walled building. A single 'sign' on a simple wooden shingle welcomes those who enter. Warm for High Reaches, the greenhouse seems to disregard the seasons with cheery light and ambience: hanging baskets are visible far above, while a number of different lattice trellises guard the dedicated pathway with delicate vines twining ever upwards. A large horseshoe of tables holds a number of trays, flanked by larger bushes in kiln-cast pots. The main gravel path meanders through four distinctly separate areas, each labeled individually by a carved sign. The 'Edibles' garden flows into a brightly-colored 'Kidlet' area, merging seamlessly into a lovely 'Flower' garden. The last section is cordoned off with ropes of brilliant blue, the 'Healer' section carefully tended and maintained with the same strict standards as the rest.
It is a winter sunset.
To the north, you see a blue and a green dragon.
Gliding above are two firelizards.
You see Peppermint bush here.
Nika is here.
Obvious exits:
To The Meadows

A winter sunset finds the crimson-haired, Reachian dragonhealer spending more time in what is one of her favorite places in all Pern; the greenhouse. Tilla sits, comfortably ensconced on a bench with a fuzzy blanket and a book, and little Litty on her lap. It seems she's reading the four year old a story...or perhaps it is a botanical identification book. "And here's the verbena leaf...and here's the sungazer leaf..." A pause before the girl, in her wooly hat with braided ginger pigtails peeking out underneath, replies "Bena! And Sungazer!...." before her attention is gathered by the quirky bronze firelizard doing random tricks in a nearby tree. "Cmere..Auriiiii!" she says in a childish lilt.

The greenhouse door opens, and anyone nearby feels a brief instant of relief for the humid, or perhaps - for those who enjoy it - it is a rude interuption of the peaceful auroa of the place. For Nika the air feels heavy, and she tugs anxiously on her curls, both from the heat and her insecurity around the plants. This hasn't been her strongest area in studies. Indeed she has charts poking out of a backpack strapped to her back, charts of wings, injuries, how to calm a dragon down - but for now she has pulled out a list of ingredients, and she begins a bumbling attempt to locate them, but then her attention is grabbed by a firelizard calling four year old. The girl gets a curious look, she knows who must be near by, and skirting around a corner of a particularly tall plant she giggles, "Tilla!" Hopefully her pathetic searching wasn't too noticeable.

Tilla raises her head when she hears someone approach. "Oh, Nika!" she calls out, loosening one hand from the blanket's embrace. "I was hoping I'd catch you today. Come on, sit a while and chat?" she coaxes, patting an area on the bench next to her. Litty sees her chance to ESCAPE! ANd wriggles free to go investigate something in the kidlet area. "Auri!" Tilla commands, pointing after the wriggling youngster. The flit obliges with a *ZOOM* and a rustle.

Nika raises an eyebrow in suspicion, still she was offered her own escape, so much like the youngster she scampers toward freedom. Pulling off her gloves as she settles into the free space on the bench she offers the other rider a grin, "Do you need help with something?" She's already tucking the list into a pocket, she can always do that later.

Tilla nods, "Actually, I do." Conspiratorial tone which is really not necessary is used here, is Nika nervous yet? "So your studies, how do you feel you are doing at the current time? And also, I need to talk with you about the results of your Dragonhealer written exam." Oh, perhaps nerves are appropriate here? Tills folds up the blanket and drapes it on the back of the bench, closing the book and sliding it back into her pack in one swift gesture. Crossing her legs, she adjusts her seating to more face the bluerider, but at least she has a pleasant expression, sort of?

There is a quick drop of her gaze to her pocket. Where the list is. The list that suddenly seems like the greatest task ever given. "I - er. Mostly really good. I've gotten everything down, I -mean. Mostly." The girl stummers around for a bit. An awkward day for little Nika, who was never much good at explaining how things are going to Tilla. "Except for maybe plants, but I'm doing okay I think." Right. Right? RIGHT? Turning a shade of red comparable to some of the nearby plants she searches the other riders face for relief. Her speech spikes up pace and pitch with her nerves, to worried to notice any expression, much less a pleasant one, "How - How was the exam? I told At-man I was pretty confident...He grilled me for an hour afterwards about 'how I felt'. It kinda made me secondguessmyself. DidIdookay?"

Tilla reaches backwards into her pack, sliding her hand down and unearthing a clip board, of sorts. On the front, a hide with some colored inks and correction marks scratched in spidery script. "Actually..." Pause for dramatic effect, "Well it wasn't the highest score I've seen but definitely not the lowest. You passed! Congrats to you!" Another pause, "So, hopefully you also remember where I explained about the practical and oral part of the test that the candidate has to do once he or she has passed the written test, and that you should continue to study while we tallied up your score?" Dun dun dunnnnnn.

"Oh..." Nika's vague, and random disappointment is brief, a passing emotion that explodes suddenly, "IPASSED! Shards! I passed!" It is somewhere in the middle of this exclamation that the tiny bluerider has launched herself into an attack of arms and giggles and squeezing, it is the other woman's question about studying that finally causes her to release her captive. "Yes, I remembered. That's why I was here." She pulls the list back from her pocket, "I was trying to memorize the plants for this." She hands the woman the small parchment. "I hadn't quite finished. I have the first two: Borrago, Hyssop..." She trails off, concentrating, "And...spiceroot?"

Tilla grins, absorbing the hug with a squeeze and a back pat of her own. "You did, indeed. So that means just one more test to go! What is your schedule like next sevenday? Perhaps, near the beginning?" Her eyes scan the parchment, "Mm, that is a good list, still needs a few more things though. And the practical will be in the Dragonhealer Enclave; it is easier to demonstrate things on life size models, yeah?" A suspicious rustling and giggling are happening over in the kidlet area..until a CRASH! has Tilla leaping to her feet- "Just one moment..." and she runs off, hiking the kiddie onto her hip and shaking her head. "Ohh, Litty...what did I tell you about messing with the heavy pots.." A pause "That its fun!" Stare of death and the girl changes her tune, "I'm sorry, mama..I was playing a game with Auri.."

Chewing on her bottom lip, Nika's eyebrows draw together as she loses her in thought after the assessment of her list, "I'll figure it out." Is her final answer, a determined smirk following for the woman. "Oh yah, orals..." Despite the defeated tone, her smile is bright - she passed her test, she can handle orals. Right. Right? RIGHT? Fighting back the doubt, doubt that is only noticeable by the slight pause in her answer, "Well, as long as nothing crazy happens I don't have any sweeps at the beginning of the sevenday, so any evening before the middle - " But then the woman has taken off. Nika grins after her, and the response from her child. "Well this seems like a mother daughter moment, I should go figure out the rest of that list. I'll bring it to you on the day of my orals. Just let me know when is good." She half jumps off the bench. A new and powerful desire propelling her back to her weyr, time to hit the books.

Tilla is halfway between Nika and the door when she starts to protest, "Wait..no, its fine.." A sigh. "As early as possible, I promised the twins a trip to the beach after that, we can all celebrate?" Hopefully. "You can do it! Let me know if you have any questions, I'm right here to help you." In between Mama and other duties that is. "Right, an evening near the beginning..I'll send you another parchment before then. Keep warm!" She tilts her head towards the extra scarves hanging near the doorway, "You can always take another scarf if you need."



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