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Za'an and Erolinyath are put to the test

MOO Time: 2012-09-24 14:44:41
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And on Pern ...
The time is 10:44.
It is noon of the seventy-sixth day of autumn.
It is the twenty-sixth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is an autumn noon.

You head towards the main dragonhealers' area.
Dragonhealers' Enclave
Only tradition sets this part of the ground weyrs aside for itself. The dragonhealing area has been set up along the northernmost section near the bowl entrance, designated by some extra shelving and a trio of dragon couches that lie low to the ground. Recently, an addition has been made to the area in the form of a large, folding contraption made primarily of skybroom and woven bamboo from Nerat, bolted in several places to the rock wall for stability.

It is an autumn noon.
You see Sling Mechanism here.
Obvious exits:
Ground Weyrs

Amuirnith thinks to you, << I bespoke Erolinyath with: Amuirnith wafts in strong waves of mint and spice, breathily calling << Erolinyath. Please come with yours to the Dragonhealer Enclave as soon as possible. >> Tendrils caress the message lightly and then recede, leaving nothing but the hint of their essence. >>

An autumn noon finds the weyr chilly as usual. Tilla sits, wearing a light gray scarf tucked down the neck of her pale blue long-sleeved blouse which in turn is draping slightly over the waistband of her klah-brown pants. She's perched on a stool in the Dragonhealer Enclave with a clipboard and writing utensil, scrinching up her nose and chewing thoughtfully as she marks down notes of some sort. Amuirnith seems to be semi conscious, her eyes half lidded and her nose tucked under one leg upon which a towel has been draped.

Za'an hustles through the ground weyrs and into the dragonhealer's region as quickly as possible. Even though the season is autumn, Zaph is wrapped up in multiple layers of pants and jackets... which significantly impairs his ability to move swiftly. So with the hurry, Za'an slips, trips and stumbles onto his well-padded chest, "Oof! I'm here!" The greenrider has at least crossed that line that separates the enclave and the general ground weyrs. Coming at a much slower, more confident, pace is Erolinyath who nudges his human lifemate up with her adorable plump nose before continuing on her way beside Amu.

Tilla looks up at Za'an approaches, and gives him a big smile. "Za'an! Good good, you're here." She slides off the bench as Amu raises her head to croon a happy greeting as they approach. "So I wanted to talk to you about something." She pauses, "You're not busy right now, are you? I mean I'd assume not because you just came in here but, just wanted to check.."

Za'an has now built up a sweat from his approach, resulting in the man starting to remove the first few layers of jackets off of his frail body... decreasing his size significantly after the first few layers. Once he gets to a flamboyantly colored sweater, the greenrider stops and smiles faintly toward Tilla, "Hi Tilla.. uh... b-b-b-busy? I... er.. no, not b-busy right now. Talk about something? I... did I... I didn't forget to do inventory again... did I?"

Tilla grins, "Yes. Oh, I mean no!" She snickers, "You didn't forget to do inventory. This is about another matter entirely." A dramatic pause, " Okay." She unclips something from the clipboard, it appears to be a hide with a ton of writing on it and some markings in red ink. "So you know your written Dragonhealer certification exam? The one you took a few sevendays ago? I have the scores here, and the good news is you did very well! Sorry I haven't returned this to you sooner..." She holds out the hide so that he can take a look and grab it in his hand if he is so inclined.

"I... did well? Really? Y-y-ye sure?" Za'an puts his jackets on a chair and reaches for the hide, pulling it to himself as he scans over the exam, focused more on the errors that any positive notes. "Oh... guess I did. Thanks T-T-Tilla." He pauses a bit in mental conversation with Erolinyath, "Errr... I sh-should retake it, too many errors, Erolinyath says so."

Tilla shakes her head, "No, you passed with most of the questions right. It is a difficult test, I don't recall any candidate in recent turns who received a perfect score..relax!" Another pause, "So, hopefully you also remember where I explained about the practical and oral part of the test that the candidate has to do once he or she has passed the written test, and that you should continue to study while we tallied up your score? Well," eyebrow waggle, "Today is that day. So if you can hand me back your written part for now, we have five stations for you and Erolinyath to complete today. Feel free to go get some water or a snack and use the latrines and come back, this will probably take at least a candlemark, I'd say."

"Practical... oral... right, yeah... I... yeah." Za'an's pale eyes flicker around the dragonhealer's area with a hint of concern in his face. Idly itching at the wool sweater, Zaph nods his head, "Oh okay... I... I should be fine, just ate... I can... what do you w-want me to do?"

Tilla rolls out a cart that has three things covered up with towels. "Well, I'm going to show you an injury or condition and ask you questions about what it is and how to treat it. Erol can also contribute on any parts where we explain how the dragon is acting or what he or she is projecting, ok?"

Tilla continues, as Amuirnith scoots over and pushes her right arm towards Za'an and Tilla. The greenrider uncovers her dragon's arm which has been painted red and looks raw in one spot. "So, what is this type of wound and how do you treat it?"

"Th-th-that's a a...a.a..." Za'an has not been tested too often, but luckily he has the chill calm of his lifemate to interrupt his stuttering mess and cause him to take a breathing pause. The greenling walks over to Amuirnith and examines it visually, "I... would say it is an abrasion. This is from a scrape or something that has remove the first few layers. Does it h-hurt, Amu?" And, sensing her role, Erolinyath purrs softly (a noise she typically does not make) as she sends a calming chill toward the 'hurt' dragon, snowflakes aimed to numb the superficial pain. "Thank you Erol. She attempted to calm the dragon, since it is not a major wound a gold dragon is not necessary. For me... I will first..." Blue eyes flicker over the arm, "Oh, I need to wash my hands and the wound with redwort /then/ check the wound for debris, clean it out with a sanitized rag, then..." The greenrider has lifted a cloth from a bench to simulate the cleaning, "... then add numbweed to soothe the pain." A look goes up to Amuirnith with a faint smile, "Is it okay if I touch you?" His hands are steady over the fake injury.

Tilla takes notes, scribbling on her clipboard making intermittent 'mm' noises but seems rather noncommittal either way. Amuirnith plays along, whuffling and squirming as if in pain. Tilla nods, "Amuirnith acknowledges that you can touch her, go ahead." The redhead keeps an eye on what Za'an is doing while she prepares the next station for Za'an's perusal.

Za'an bows his head, "Thank you Amuirnith, I just..." Za'an lifts his hands to the area around the wound, gently applying pressure, "I just wanted to check... to see if there was any ichor still flowing to the wound. If so I would then bandage the wound and possibly apply more numbweed." The greenrider smirks a bit as he looks up to Amuirnith, "Although... with a dragon like you, I'd probably apply bandage anyway... playing in the fields and dirt will contaminate the wound and we want it to heal... right Amu?"

Amuirnith makes little fake unhappy noises but narrows her eyes, indicating understanding. Tilla moves the cart closer and uncovers another towel, revealing a green leather dragon doll with a shredded wingsail. "Before we move onto the next station do you have anything to add to answer 1? If so, say it now, if not, tell me now what kind of injury is on the doll and how would you treat it?"

"Uh... for now... I think it is fine. Probably will check up on it in a day... or two." Za'an shifts his eyes back and forth over the wound before his gaze falls on the doll and he frowns, "Poor doll." Zaph mumbles to himself as he lifts his hand to the wounded creature, "Torn 'sail, it looks like it is moderate, not terrible... but bad. First, I would assess the status of the rider and the dragon, it could be painful and they must be stabilized." The greenrider looks at Tilla, the leather dragon's apparent rider and then back to the dragon toy, "... once stable... I would then apply numbweed to the torn wing while I determine how bad the wound is... are there torn veins or broken bones?"

Tilla takes more notes, "No, but there is some moderate ichoring from the edges. So how do you treat it and what would you do if the spar or midbone had a crack in it or was broken? The rider is feeling queasy, and has to sit down next to the dragon."

Za'an bobs his head to the instruction, "Okay... uh... after applying the numbweed. I would encourage the rider to sit down and maintain consciousness and continue to talk to their lifemate. Wine would probably be a bad idea, but water would be good for the rider." Zaph says all of this staring off in the space where some rider would be. "If it were a simple tear, it would just be numbweed and suturing, but if... uh... broken bone?" The greenrider raises his hands over the wing, "We would need to set and straighten the bone out, then splint the bone before trying to suture. The extra movement... er... may tear the sutures. Lots of numbweed. Then suture the sails closed. Then low mobility for a sevenday before she could leave the infirmary?"

Tilla nods and takes down notes. "That's an answer." But she doesn't say if its a correct answer. Instead she bends over and uncovers Amuirnith's other arm which has been painted with a bunch of...gray paint. "So what is this affliction and how do you treat it? the color on Amu's arm represents an overall color, not just in one spot. In really severe cases, how do you treat it? A clue is that gosh..the rider of this dragon is so thirsty..the dragon is just so..thirsty. She drinks and drinks but still feels thirst."

"An answer?" Za'an looks blank and pale at the woman, as if searching for a better clue that 'that is an answer'. But Erol grumbles and snaps the trainee back into focus as he nods his head quickly, "Oh, yes... okay... gray hide. Most likely due to dehydration, which includes the thirst issues." Zaph's hand hovers over the painted arm as Erolinyath communicates with Amuirnith, a warmer dripping emotion seeping through the link, "First, with any dehydration situation, one would just treat with large quantity of water... but... uh... in more severe cases, which this probably is..." The greenrider shifts and points to the cabinet, "A blood transfusion would be needed to encourage hydration. I would take from the blood of a healthy dragon, possibly Erol... and transfuse it into the dragon. /But/... right now... I would probably keep you around to help." Zaph grins as he looks over to Tilla kindly.

Tilla gives a warm smile over to Za'an, but then her face snaps back into the 'professional, I am giving a test' sort of blankness. "Last but not least, a shorter sort of question and a longer question." SHe unearths a drawing of a dragon with an obviously thick tail. "For this question, what is this condition and how do you treat it? What age of dragons typically get this condition?" And the last question is another messed up dragon doll. This time it is a brown leather dragon doll with his arm lanced, the edges of the 'wound' painted black and burned and some red and green ichor painted on there. "What is this type of wound and how would you treat it, what do you do in more severe cases?"

"Thick tail." Za'an answers quickly, "Constipation, almost always is a Weyrling that has eaten too much, exercised too little. Oil, linseed oil, should be given to the dragon to loosen the bowels and encourage excretion... gross." The flashcards that Zaph had originally created have been projected into his mind by Erol, and this one just popped up. The last wound gets his newest view, "Thread score. I think. We have never seen one since the end of the Pass. But the pictures look similar." The images of thread score paintings are flashing through his head until the greenrider coughs, "Erm, yes. For a simple scoring, hopefully the dragon has betweened and killed the creature. Then redwort to disinfect the area and remove any debris." A hand makes a sweeping motion to simulate the removal, "Then numbweed and air dry. /But/ if it were severe, the dragon and rider need to be mentally checked out to keep everyone calm. Pain." Zaph reminds himself, Erol stirring up those weird emotion things, "Then check for any severed blood vessels or ripped muscles, both will need to be sutured if there are any. Clamp the vessels until suture to make sure the blood doesn't get all messy." The greenrider goes through some motions, "Then numbweed, stitch hide and numbweed and bandage... if necessary."

Tilla nods and mms, more nodding and mming. She makes her final marks on the sheet and looks over at Za'an, "I need to speak with the other examiners and be right back! I think we may need like half a candlemark..take a break." She retreats into the back room and muffled talking is heard with some coughing because at least one of them is an old man. Finally, she returns. "Za'an. Congratulations! You passed. Or should I say, 'Dragonhealer Za'an." She beams with pride and holds out a knot.

Za'an is probably near peeing his pants while he waits, pacing back and forth across the enclave with a frown permanently strained into his face. Erolinyath, of course, is her cool, collected self as she sits, back curved strongly as she sits like a fluffy gargoyle. Upon arrival of the greenrider, Zaph stiffens (almost salute-worthy stiffen), "Huh, /what/?" Erolinyath croons with a pleased wave of her tail. "D-D-Dragonhealer? I... I did? I passed? Th-th-th-th-th-thank.... thank you, Tilla?" He ignores the knot, briefly, to tackle hug the other greenrider.

Tilla OOFS and is tacklehugged! She murmurs, "I'm so proud of you! My first mentee and you are an amazing Dragonhealer. You are welcome! You totally earned it, Za'an." And now since she dropped the knot upon tacklehugging, she grabs it and dusts it off, holding it out to him again, "I think it'll look very handsome on you."

Za'an disengages... eventually and takes the offered knot with a chipper grin, "I... thanks... yes, I.... I will keep it clean and wear it proudly, Tilla. I promise!" The knot is looked at, pale face watching the strings roll between his fingers, "Wow... Dragonhealer, huh, Erol?"

Amuirnith is whuffling around and making gestures towards a bucket of water, "Oh!" Tilla exclaims, "Thank you, Amu for being such a patient..well. Patient. Guess we should clean off your arm, hmm?" She grabs a soapy rag and starts to wipe the green's leg. Amu is making happy noises towards Ero as if to say 'congrats!' as well.

"Of course, she was excellent. The perfect patient." Za'an gives Amuirnith a friendly pat as he looks over toward his grumbling lifemate, "I... er... Erol... she needs to eat, I should take her out. Needs a bit of stretching too." Za'an bows toward Tilla, "Th-thanks again, Tilla... uh... have a good night?"

Tilla waves, spewing sudsy water droplets everywhere, "Yes, have a good night, Za'an!" Amu starts blowing bubbles in the bucket and is making a mess. Oh dear.



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