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How do you make a "Tilla"
One part crazy cat lady, one part scientist, one part lonely dreamer, add dragon, shaken not stirred.

Artwork in the Meadow by *kaleeko on deviantART

This is the IC and OOC journal for the fictional character Tilla who is currently a greenrider (all graduated!)at High Reaches Weyr on the Harper's Tale Moo.

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Before HRW, Tilla led a sort of sheltered life at WeaverHall and was strongly influenced by her ma and her grandma. Tilla's ma specializes in fashion and clothes, but Tilla could really have cared less about what she wears! To her, as long as its comfortable and 'the important areas' are covered, thats all she needed. Alot of teasing from the local boys over her developing *ehem* 'assets' led Tilla to wear baggier clothes to hide her rather nice figure. So, she was a little bit of a slob in the clothes department. Thanks to her Gran's encouragement (and alot of nature walks),Tilla retains her sense of wonder and is sort of fascinated with the natural world overall. She wants to know as much as possible. She just loves to poke around and explore all over and record it all in her sketchbook to feed her quest for knowledge.

Tilla took after her ma in the following areas: lending a sympathetic ear,a strong reasoning and problem solving skill set (she will offer practical and novel suggestions when she thinks of them), and a focused and methodical mindset. Once she commits to a task or learning something new, she perseveres at it until she has mastered it as best she can. Tilla DID NOT take after her ma in this area: blurting things out that come out /the wrong/ way, and being distracted by really "cool" things that other people wouldn't notice. Often this (the blurting) ends up with her blushing and people laughing. She tries to improve this, it is a work in progress. After Tilla suffered a great loss, of her Gran passing away, she had a very hard time coping. That's one of the reasons her ma sent her up to HRW. To meet new people, learn new things and come back to herself. With all the new friends she has made at the weyr and the new sights and sounds though, she's really both coming back to herself (a fairly social person) and blossoming in new ways. Still a little shy with the boys though...

After impressing Amuirnith, she became more confident and more clothes savvy, but still not much luck in the men department. But hey, life is an adventure and she wants to live hers to the fullest!

P.S. She grew her hair out and is trying to be more fashionable now:

Photo from newfaces.com